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Design & Manufacture Service

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1. Design & Manufacture Service

As a company specializing in the production of Recoiler, Uncoiler, Mandrel and other customized accessories, we not only provide production services, but also provide design services. Experienced designers will provide tailor-made designs according to your requirements.

We could also provide 3D model for your confirmation before production。


2. Repair Service

In addition to the engineering design and manufacture product, we offer a comprehensive repair service According to years of production experience. We are well aware that preventive maintenance and repair services are decisive factors for machines.

3. After-sale Service

Our full after-sales service includes the short-term delivery of spare and wear parts.

The JYSZ is able to keep supplying technical guidance and spare parts even decades after product has been commissioned.

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Jiyuan Shenzhou Industry co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of mandrels, Mandrel assembly(including main shaft, segment, spreader, wedge, ect.), tension reel (recoiler),payoff reel(decoiler,uncoiler), gearbox, and related spare parts; These products are widely used in steel,aluminum,copper coil processing line, such as hot rolling mill, cold rolling mill,continuous pickling line, continuous galvanizing line, annealing line, slitting line, cut to length line,color coating line, etc. 


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